Christopher Andersson

Hi there, it's nice to meet you. Here is a quick background on me.

When everyone was getting a Nintendo in the 80s, my parents gave me a computer. A Tandy 1000 EX that ran MS-DOS off a 5.25" floppy drive with 256kb of RAM. I spent most of my free time on that machine and learned to program in BASIC from a book picked up at Radioshack.

Since those early days, my professional and free time has been spent making software.

I have been an engineer in some roles and immersed myself in data structures, algorithms, language design, and compilers. I have been more on the business side in other functions and studied marketing, sales, and financial models.

While the titles I have had have changed, one interest has not changed ever since I got that Tandy. The experience you have when you are operating a device running software. That is ultimately where I am most passionate, and it has been what has guided all of the work I have done.

Currently, I am working as a Staff Product Designer at Datadog (come work with me). I am also delighted to meet new people with the same interests, so please contact me.