It's 2003 all over againJanuary 17, 2019

Years ago, before the iPhone and before social networks I discovered something called Radio UserLand. For 17 hours straight I was consumed with what I saw. At first, I did not know how to make sense of what I saw at UserLand. Individual people were publishing their thoughts on the internet, and it wasn't a forum or IRC. It was individuals, mostly software folks writing about technology. There were discussions, and even dialogue at times as the community hashed out how publishing should live on the web.

These folks weren't discussing what content should live on the web, but how content should live on the web...and it evolved into a web standard that was named RSS for Really, Simple Syndication.

That same day I stood up my own blog using Movable Type and hosted it on some Linux server with Apache that I had to manage myself.

With my new power I published this "enlightened" post as my first blog post ever on July 12, 2003:

image of my first blog post in 2003

So without overthinking it, I am starting this blog so that I have a place that I own where I can hopefully contribute some meaningful text.

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